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Mrs. Jessica Hanson - Preschool

Mrs. Kelsey Huskamp - 2nd Grade

Mrs. Amy Stepec - 5th Grade

Mrs. Christina Balder - Title I and EL

Mrs. Katie Wenell - Art

Mrs. Wendy Wildeman - Guidance

Mrs. Taby Frederick - Kindergarten

Mrs. Rebekah Spragg - 3rd Grade

Mrs. Bradi Sievers - 6th Grade

Ms. Kelly Wolff - Title I and PE

Mrs. Anna Davis - Music/Band

Mrs. Jill Nehman - Library

Mrs. Hallie Johnson - 1st Grade

Ms. Ashley Dirks - 4th Grade

Mrs. Rebecca Nicholson - Special Education

Mrs. Laura Sievers - TAG and Reading/Math

Mrs. Julie Bjork - Technology


Mrs. Sarah Voyles - Principal

Mr. Jeff Dicks - Superintendent

Mrs. Beth Smith - Instructional Coach

Mrs. Julie Olson - Nurse



6th Grade Interviews 


Lilly Thayer


By: Kylie Anderson

Lilly Thayer is a 6th grade student. Lilly is 11 years old. Lilly’s family includes her mom Robyn and her siblings Jaden(13), Gabe(9), and Laycee(14). Whip Cream/Cool Whip is her favorite food because it is delicious! When Lilly grows up she is going to go to college but does not know what her career is going to be. If a giftcard to any store was presented Lilly would choose to have a giftcard to Walmart. Lilly has tons of pets; a dog - Luke, 1 spider - Cornelius (lives outside), a bird - Petrie, a bunny - Doryan, and some other cats. In Lilly’s free time she reads, plays with her siblings, and climbs trees. Her favorite color is Black and her favorite T.V. shows include “Attack on the Titans” and “The Addams Family”. Her favorite football team is the Buccaneers. Lilly is a very nice person who makes me smile every day.

Duane McGregor


By: Aiden Bolte

Hello welcome to the school news! Today we are just going to ask some questions to a student. The student’s name is Duane. Now let's get into the questions. Now Duane, what are your parents's names?

(Duane said) My mom's name is Tricia and my dad's name is Duane.

(News guy said) That was good, now let's move onto the next questions. Since we are talking about your parents where do they work?

(Duane said) My mom works at home with UnityPoint and my dad works at Farmers Mutual Insurance.

(News guy said) Ok next question. When you have free time what do you like to do?

(Duane said) What I like to do in my free time is play video games like Fortnite and Call of Duty.

(News guy said) That was great; now next question. Where do you go to school at?

(Duane said) I go to Albert City-Truesdale Elementary.  

(News guy said) Now time for the next question. What is your favorite movie?

(Duane said) My favorite movie is Ready Player One because it is about video games.

(News guy said) Thank you, now next question. What is your favorite food and it can be anything? 

(Duane said) My favorite food is probably shrimp.

(News guy said) These next questions are a little different. If you were on a deserted island what would your three items be.

(Duane said) The three items that I would have are duct tape, a life raft and a map.

(News guy said) Next weird question. If you had a choice to go to the Air Force or the Army what would you choose?

(Duane said) I would go to the military.

(News guy said) Ok that is great. So on to the next and final question. What is your favorite book?

(Duane said) My favorite book is Among the Hidden and the book is by Haddix.

(News guy said) Well that is it folks; this is the story of Duane. Goodbye for now.


Leah Bean


By: Alexandra Loving

I am going to be interviewing Leah Bean; she is my good friend. I will simply be asking some questions for her to answer. I really hope you learn something new about Leah!

Leah has a big family. Her siblings are Abby, Kooper, Calvin, and Noel. Her parents are Chris (Mom) and CJ (Dad) Bean.  She as many pets; such as: 10 rabbits, 1 pony, 2 donkeys, 4 goats, 1 calf and 25 chickens. WOW! Leah’s favorite subjects in school are Technology, Reading and Science. I asked if Leah could go to the moon would she? Leah will only go if her animals can go too; she loves them to much! Leah what are some of your favorite things in life? She said that she loves painting, Iowa State and animals. What do you want to be when you grow up? Well of course, she is going to be a farmer and she wants to study cows. Do you prefer outside or inside? I prefer outside because that is where the animals are! What is an instrument you play? Leah plays the guitar and the trombone. If you could be famous for anything what would you be famous for? She really wants to be a famous vet. What is your favorite holiday? Her favorite holiday would have to be Thanksgiving because she loves the food. What is your favorite book? Leah’s favorite book is Racing Stripes. Leah what is your favorite food? She says it is Chinese food. When you are older what do you see yourself as. She sees herself in a big house and lots of animals with a big, cute and fuzzy dog! I hope you enjoyed reading this and learned something out of it!


Dominic Heinsohn


By: Conner Shannon

This person is one of my best friends. It is Dominic Heinsohn. His Parents are Felicia Heinsohn and Johnny Bandomo. He has two sisters Ryleigh and Amelia and he has two brothers they are Lorenzo and Gino. He loves football and wants to be an NFL player. His biggest fear in life are clowns and he has no pets. Dominic’s favorite subject is Science and he loves monkeys. His favorite movie is Talladega Nights with Will Ferrell. His favorite type of food is Chinese food and favorite restaurant is Texas Roadhouse. That is my awesome, cool, and football buddy Dominic Heinsohn.




Leighton Sippel


By: Duane McGregor

Hi I am Duane McGregor and I am interviewing Leighton. He is one of my best friends. But I don’t know a lot about his family. So I interviewed him and here are some Q&A from Leighton and me.

“What does your mom do for a job?” Duane said.

“My mom is a Pharmacist in Pocahontas.” Leighton said  

“What does your dad do for a job?” Duane said.

“My dad chops turkeys at Tyson in Storm Lake.” Leighton said.  

“Do you have any siblings?” Duane said.

“Yes I have 1 sister.” Leighton said.   

”Do you have any pets?” Duane said.  

“Yes I have a puppy.” Leighton said.

“Where do you live?” Duane said  

“I live in Albert City.” Leighton said.

”What would you do with $1,000,000?” Duane said.

“I would buy a mansion with a pool, gaming setup, new phone and Lamborghini.” Leighton said.

“What type of car would you have if you could have any car?” Duane said.

“I would a have Lamborghini or Ferrari.” Leighton said.

“What job do you want to have?” Duane said.  

“I would be a Professional Football Player.” Leighton said.

“Would you rather be rich and die young or be poor and live long?” Duane said.

“I would be rich and die young” Leighton said.

“Would you rather write everything or type everything?” Duane said.

 “I would rather type everything.” Leighton said.

“What do you like to do for fun?” Duane said.

“I play games.” Leighton said.

“Would you rather have a Xbox or a Ps4?” Duane said.

“I would have a Ps4.”Leighton said.

“Would you rather be disabled or blind?” Duane said.

“I would be blind.” Leighton said.

“Who do you see the most your mom or your dad?” Duane said.

“I see my mom more than my dad.” Leighton said.

“Do you play sports?” Duane said.

“No I do not.” Leighton said.

“Do you like school?” Duane said.

“No I don’t.” Leighton said.

 “What instrument do you play?” Duane said.

“I play the trumpet.” Leighton said.

“Would you go to the war?” Duane said.

“No I would not.” Leighton said.  

“Would you be a doctor?” Duane said.

“No” said Leighton.

“Would you rather fly in a plane or drive a car?” Duane said.

“I would fly a plane.” Leighton said.

“What do you like about school?” Duane said.

“P.E.” Leighton said.

”Have you ever flown in a plane?“ Duane said.

“Yes I have.” said Leighton.

”What NFL team do you like?” Duane said.

“I like the Seahawks.” said Leighton.

“Would you be in the NFL?” Duane said.

“Yes I would.” Leighton said.

”Would you play college football?” Duane said.

“Yes I would.” Leighton said.

I think Leighton is really interesting and I did not know that he had a dog. So that’s it I’m done.   


Alexandra Loving


By: Leah Bean

Alexandra Loving is the daughter of Renae and Donald Loving. She is currently 11 years old and lives by Breezy Meadows. She lives in the country with her family of 4 dogs and mom, dad and Tristan. I have known Alexandra since preschool and became best friends in fifth grade. In her free time she paints and goes on Vine. In the future, she sees herself working as a professional photographer. In ten years she wants to live in L.A. having an ocean view. She would like to go to the college ISU (her favorite college football team). Her favorite animal is a zebra because she thinks they are cute and fuzzy. Alexandra plays the french horn in band. She thought it was small; she was wrong. Her birthday is December 1st and she likes the Christmas season. She would like to be remembered as a nice, kind, and caring person.  Here are some of her favorite things: a book-Pickle Mania, a food-pizza, and school subjects: reading, P.E, and technology. Alexandra is a good friend of mine and is the nicest person I have ever met.


Conner Shannon


By: Leighton Sippel

Welcome to My Questions! I will ask questions to Conner and he will answer my questions. Please be seated AC-T and parents and staff members while I ask Conner questions.

“What does your mom do for a job?” I said.

“She is a director of nursing at Methodist Manor in Storm Lake.” Conner said.

“What will you do with 1 million dollars?” I said.

“Start a money making store.” Conner said.

“Would you rather swim or play football?” I said.

“Football!” Conner said.

“Do you have any siblings?” I said.

"1 brother and 1 sister.” Conner said.

“How many friends do you have?” I said.

“8” Conner said.

“What will you do when you grow up?” I said.

“Meteorologist” Conner said.

“Would you rather be a girl or boy” I said.

“Boy…” Conner said.

“Would you rather play Fortnite or PUBG?” I said.

“PUBG” Conner said.

“What type of car do you want?” I said.

“Bugatti”  Conner said.

“Would you rather drop an iPhone X or a Samsung Galaxy Note 9?” I said.

“iPhone X” Conner said.

“Would you rather win keep $1,000,000 or give it to homeless?” I said.

“Keep $1,000,000” Conner said.

“What do you like to do for fun?” I said.

“Football” Conner said.

“Would you rather be Deaf or Blind?” I said.

“Deaf” Conner said.

“Would you rather live on Jupiter or Venus?” I said.

“Venus” Conner said.

“ Would you rather be Superman or Flash?” I said.

“Superman” Conner said.

“Would you rather be in a boat or in a plane?” I said.

“Plane” Connor said.



Kylie Anderson


By: Lilly Thayer

This is about a student from our very own town of Albert City… Kylie Anderson.  She is so nice and kind to others. Kylie likes math and reading. In her free time Kylie likes to read, spend time with her dog, and play with her friends. She also likes to draw and color.  Kylie makes everyone smile and laugh. She is a friend to all and even animals. Kylie’s family includes Andrew Anderson, Gregory Anderson, Julie Anderson, Dennis Anderson, Pet- Jack Anderson. They are a very close family. She has a very nice family that is almost as nice as her. She is one of  the sweetest and kindest people I have ever met.






Abraham Abbas


By: Tyler Wirth

I  couldn’t believe my eyes! I just saw Abraham Uel Abbas at the 2030 Nintendo Convention in Portland, Oregon, while I was visiting my mom in Oregon. I had not seen him since our days at Albert City-Truesdale School. Go Hurricanes! Abraham was a classmate of mine.

Abraham is such an interesting guy.

He showed me some of the books he had written and illustrated. He is a very imaginative author and artist.

Abraham told me he is now 24 years old. He was born June 24, 2006 in Storm Lake, Iowa and joined his family of Mom Cheryl, Dad John, and a brother Robert and sister Jenna. He still has a dog named Charlie, too.                                                             

Abraham loves his video games, especially Nintendo Switch, and also, Captain Underpants and Curious George books. He still loves pizza and chicken, too. We talked about how we both loved Cyndie’s cooking at AC-T, especially her cinnamon rolls.   I asked Abraham is he still likes the color red, and he said,”Oh, yes!”.

When Abraham is not at Nintendo Conventions, he is watching sports.

Abraham goes back to Albert City to visit his family and friends and see his favorite teacher, Mrs.Martens. It is always fun to catch up with friends.

It was so great to run into Abraham. I hope to do it again soon.



Maxwell Bjork


By: Jack Stepec


One day in the distant future, I was in Wal-Mart and you would never guess who I saw there. It was Max with his wife and 3 kids. Thinking back, I remembered that I have known Max since kindergarten. He was this tall kid who did not know me that well. We met at the school playground in the summer. Then when I went to school he was in my class. His parents are Chad and Julie Bjork. He has 3 sisters and their names are Mallory, Madelyn, and Makayla. He was born on May 5th, 2006 and he is 4 months, 9 days, and 2 and a half hours older than me. He has 3 pets and their names are Lucky the Dog, Gracie the horse, and the mystery cat.

Max lives on the farm 10 miles away from Albert City. One of the most random things I learned is that would rather have a cosmic dog than a unicorn. Max’s best friend is me; Jack Stepec. Max can also put his thumb all the way behind his knuckle and he is also double-jointed. When he grows up he wants to be a farmer. Some of the things he likes about living on the farm is that he has more freedom; like he has space to drive stuff like 4-wheelers and cars. He also can hunt out there too. One of the things that he would like to do before he dies is drive a Case IH Axial-flow 9250 Track Combine. The one thing he wants to own is a section of farmland. Max’s favorite sport is baseball and he is really good. Max is one of the coolest people I have ever met.    




Tyler Wirth


By: Abraham Abbas

I interviewed Tyler. Her favorite food is cheese pizza. She likes the color pink. Tyler likes to play Prodigy and her favorite movie is Matilda. She is 12 years old and she has a brother-Brody, two sisters-Em and Hailey, and her mom and dad. Her birthday is August 17. She lived in Oregon until this year when she moved to Iowa. When she grows up, she wants to work with animals, either a vet or dog rescuer.  Good Luck Tyler!






My Interview of Jack Stepec

By Dominic Heinsohn

    Good morning AC-T Staff members and parents. I am Dominic Heinsohn. Today I am interviewing Jack Stepec.

I asked Jack how many family members do you have? Jack: I have five family members.

Dominic: What are your parents' names? Jack: My dad’s name is Steve Stepec and my mom is Amy Stepec.

Dominic: What is your favorite store to shop at? Jack: My favorite store is Amazon and Target.

Dominic: If you played in the NFL what position would you play? Jack: I would play Linebacker.

Dominic: What team would you play on in the NFL? Jack: I would play on the Broncos.

Dominic: How many siblings do you have? Jack: I have three siblings.

Dominic: What are their names? Jack: Henry My brother, Lucy and Evelyn are my sisters.

Dominic: What do you want to be when you grow up? Jack: I would be a trucker.

Dominic: Where do you live? Jack: I live in Albert City.

That is the end of the interview.



My Interview of Jay McChesney

By Graham Welle

   Jay is one of my favorite friends I have known since kindergarten. His family is Jay, Johnathan, and Serenity. The sports he attends to is Wii and sports like golf and bowling. The thing he does when he is at his house is play video games. His favorite food is pizza. His favorite football team is the Redskins. His favorite video game is GTA 5 which is also my favorite. His greatest fear is being alone in the dark. He sees himself in the future as a YouTuber. His Favorite show is Jonny Test. His favorite lunch is chilli and cinnamon rolls.



Graham Welle

By Duane McGregor

Hi!  I’m Duane and I am interviewing Graham.

His mom works at Sparky's. His dad installs DirecTV. He has 5 siblings. He has 1 dog. He lives in Albert City. If he had $1,000,000 he would buy a car and it would be a Bugatti. His dream job is of a professional basketball player. He would be poor and live long. He would rather write everything. He plays sports and video games for fun. He wants an Xbox.



                Aiden Bolte by Maxwell Bjork

His parents are Nick and Jamie and his siblings are Jon, Samantha, and Ariana. He wants to be a Dirtbiker YouTuber.  His favorite car is a 1968 Dodge Charger. One of his favorite YouTubers is the Duck Voice. Aiden's favorite go-kart engine is a Briggs & Stratton. If he had a million dollars he would buy an old car and deck it out. If he could freeze his age he would freeze it at 21. What he does in his free time is make swords. His favorite grade was third grade because we dissected stuff.